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Spotlights of Vietnam's agriculture sector in 2021

(VAN) Being proactive in handling the bottleneck and dealing with challenges have helped the agriculture and rural development make many miracles in 2021.

A new record set: US$ 48.6 billion of export turnover

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the added value of the sector on 2021 is estimated at 2.85 - 2.9%; in which agriculture rises over 3.18%, forestry rises over 3.85%, fisheries rises over 1.85%, forest coverage rate is at 42.02%; communes meeting new rural standards is at 68.2%; export turnover of the whole industry reaches US$ 48.6 billion.

In 2021, MARD promotes to open new markets in Peru, Australia, etc. The ministry also actively researches, forecasts, and takes advantage of FTAs to promote exports.

The capacity of agro-processing and preservation industries has been improved. Some large economic groups have focused on investing in processing agricultural products. In 2021, there are 6 projects with total investment capital of over VND 5,000 billion coming into effect.

In addition, it coordinates with the Embassies and Trade Offices of Vietnam in other countries to build channels for exchanging and providing information on key export markets (such as Japan, Korea, the United States, the EU, China...) to analyze, evaluate and forecast the market during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

MARD supports businesses in resolving trade disputes, minimizing risks in international integration. As a result, the product consumption market maintains and expands, and exports increase.

Export turnover of agriculture, forestry and fishery reached a record high of 48.6 US$ billion, up 14.9% compared to 2020; in which main agricultural products are US$ 21.49 billion, up 13.5%; forestry products are US$ 15.96 billion, up 20.7%; fishery is over US$ 8.89 billion, up 5.6%; animal husbandry US$ 434 million, up 2.1%.

There are 10 groups of products with export turnover of over US$ 1 billion (one more item is animal feed and raw materials), of which there are 6 items with export turnover of over US$ 3 billion (wood and wood products are over USD 14.81 billion; shrimp is over US$ 3.85 billion; vegetables and fruits are over US$ 3.52 billion; cashew nuts are US$ 3.66 billion; rice is over US$ 3.27 billion; rubber is over US$ 3.31 billion). The agriculture, forestry and fishery sector gets a trade surplus of US$ 6.44 billion.

One of the spotlights in activities of MARD in 2021 is the establishment of two special working groups to deal with the supplying, consuming and distributing of agricultural products in the context of Covid-19 pandemic in the South and the North.

45 thousand hectares of forest get FSC

In 2021, MARD continues to implement the Program on Forest Protection and Development, focusing on the Project "Plant 1 billion trees in the 2021 - 2025 period"; concentrated forest plantation area is estimated at 278 thousand hectares, up 2.7% compared to 2020, and 120 million scattered trees.

The percentage of planted forest area from controlled and certified seed sources reached 90% by 2020. Wood production from plantations reached 32 million square meter (of which from concentrated plantations are 18.1 million square meter, an increase of 5.4 compared to 2020).


Measures to protect forests and prevent and fight forest fires have been strengthened; forests are better protected as the violations are handled effectively to the law. The policy of payment for forest environmental services is effective and plays an important role in forest protection and development. Revenue from forest environment services is over VND 3,100 billion, reaching 107% of the plan. Sustainable management forest certification (FSC) reaches 45 thousand hectares (accumulated up to now reaches 314 thousand ha). Controlled seed rate is 85 - 90%.

Rice production volume increases 1.1 million tons

In 2021, the total rice production reaches over 43.86 million tons, an increase of 1.1 million tons, although the cultivated area decreases by about 39.7 thousand hectares, the yield increases by 1.84 kilograms per hectare compared to 2020.

Rice production continues the trend of increasing the use of high quality varieties to over 77% to enhance the value of "Vietnamese rice brand". The proportion of high quality rice accounts for over 89% of exported rice, contributing to raising the average export price of rice from US$ 496 per ton in 2020 to over US$ 503 per ton in 2021.

The area of ​​vegetables and beans of all kinds is over 1.12 million hectares, of which vegetables growing area is 983 thousand hectares, an increase of 7.6 thousand hectares. The output of vegetables and beans of all kinds is 18.6 million tons, an increase of 325.5 thousand tons.

The area of ​​fruit trees is 1.18 million hectares, an increase of 44.8 thousand hectares. The output and quality of most of the key fruit with advantages of the country and each region increase, some fruit yield increases, such as mango yields 940 thousand tons, up 5.1%; pomelo yields 992 thousand tons, up 6.4%; lychee yields 374 thousand tons, up 18.5%; durian yields 664 thousand tons, up 12.9%; green coffee yields 1.83 million tons, up 61 thousand tons (up 3.46%) compared to 2020.

The area of rubber tree is 925 thousand hectares, down 7.4 thousand hectares; dry latex production is over 1.26 million tons, an increase of about 31 thousand tons (up 2.5%). Pepper growing area is 130 thousand hectares, down 1.8 thousand hectares; output is about 282 thousand tons, an increase of nearly 11.9 thousand tons (up 4.4%). Cashew growing area is 305 thousand hectares, an increase of 2.6 thousand hectares; raw cashew output is 367.2 thousand tons, up 18.7 thousand tons (up 5.4%) compared to 2020.

Seafood production is 8.73 million tons

The fisheries sector overcomes many difficulties and maintains its growth momentum despite of the widespread Covid-19 pandemic affecting the supply and distribution chain.

Total seafood production in 2021 reaches 8.73 million tons, up 1.0% compared to 2020; in which exploitation is over 3.9 million tons, up 0.9%; farming is 4.8 million tons, up nearly 1.1%.

While promoting offshore fishing, MARD strictly controls cruise monitoring equipment on fishing vessels; strengthens patrols to implement the management of people and means of fishing activities, contributes to removing the EU's yellow card.


1,250 new agricultural cooperatives established

In 2021, there are 1,250 new agricultural cooperatives establish nationwide, bringing the total number of agricultural cooperatives to 19,100 and 78 unions of cooperatives, of which over 65% are classified as good and 1,980 agricultural cooperatives are applying high technology.

1,640 new enterprises are established or returns to operation, bringing the total number to over 14,400 agricultural enterprises.

2022 Target: The growth rate will reach 2.8 - 2.9%; total export turnover of agricultural, forestry and fishery products reaches about US$ 49 billion.

Author: Minh Phuc

Translated by Khanh Linh

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